Friday, February 12, 2010


Sorry to keep you all waiting so long. I spent a ridiculous amount of time today putting together a back for my chicken quilt. No pictures today of that wicked cold white stuff. Just a thank you for all of your visits and kind comments.
We had our game tournament today (silly me, the game is 5 Crowns, not 5 Kings!). I didn't win, my son did. Most surprising is that he beat my mother, who rarely loses any game.

The first prize goes to......... Debbie!

I really didn't get any comments from anyone saying that they had been referred to my blog so I just randomly chose a second winner and it is........Stephanie!

Congratulations ladies. I will get your packages to you first thing monday!!
Now everyone is ordered to have a Great Weekend. Bye!


  1. Happy Birthday Lisa!!!!!

  2. Thank you for the giveaway. Have a great birthday weekend!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! And Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy your day:)